The Ancient City Fire Expo has been a vision for a few years and we are excited to get this off the ground.

The planning group consists of firemen and instructors from multiple agencies and training groups that regularly come together to train, share, and support the fire service. As students first, we understand what firefighters want to see from a training event or class and we are putting all our effort into making this the best event around. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, message us on FB, or leave a comment. We hope to see you in November.

2021 Instructors

Everything Saws

Julio Ramos

Ron Hugenin

Robert Hunt

Forcible Entry/TTL

Jeff Mrwik

Stephen Cox

Wyatt McCall

Ty Epling


Armando Casteneda

Engine Ops

Max Schafer

Heath Steen

Brandon Seymour

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