Dark Side Of Ladders


Magic City Truck Academy was born from the. streets of the Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama. The brainchild of OJ Kolodziej, MCTA has always been about sharing the passion for truck work and tradesmanship in the fire service. Over the years, the cadre has expanded out of its Sweet Home and now includes instructors from across the country. While Magic City Truck Academy continues to preach from all books of the Truck Gospel, there has been a growing need for ladder training that led to the development of their flagship class: The Dark Side of Ladders.

Magic City Truck Academy believes that the American public has been let down by the publishers
and administrators who have led the fire service away from the full capacity of ladder operations. In 
The Dark Side of Ladders, we start with simple ground ladder basics, and then we show students 
how to elevate their ladder game to its maximum potential. In addition to just throwing 
ladders, we work on climbing them and making transitions on and off of all manner of roof types with
tools, saws, and other ladders. We coach success and build confidence and competence, then we 
delve into scaling, splicing, and aerial work. Techniques and problem-solving lessons are put to 
use in a series of final scenarios that increase in complexity, stress, and duration.
These are not show-off skills, taught for shock-value; they are proven ladder operations that 
made the difference for victims for decades. We options from the darkness into 
the light.


Magic City Truck Academy


8 hours

Lead Instructor:

OJ Kolodziej

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